Ashman | 'Happy Married Life' (HML)

Ashman, Happy Married Life (HML) on UbuntuFM Music

Ashman releases new single 'Happy Married Life' (HML) on UbuntuFM Music. An ingenious mix of Hip-Hop and contemporary Highlife; culturally African.

‘Happy Married Life’ joins the list of musically engaging tracks for which Ashman is fast gaining an industry reputation. An ingenious mix of Hip-Hop and contemporary Highlife; culturally African.

The track features a rich selection of sound instruments tastefully arranged and varied for an engaging musical experience. It is a testimony of producer #Blazeslaan ingenuity in minimizing application of digital sound effects, and in striking a remarkable balance between the vocals and instrumental accompaniment.

Honest vocals, naturally melodious, consistent in tonal quality even when raised onto high pitches, and delivers the lyrics without noticeable effort. Perfectly complementary is the female backup vocals; firmly stationed in the background from where it colours the lead vocals.

Lyrically, the song scores way above average, infused with elements of contemporary Nigerian parlance as resonates with the local listener and arouses the interest of the non-local. 

Clearly, this is a song most suitable for wedding ceremonies. It is memorable, entertaining, and boasts a strong commercial appeal.

‘Happy Married Life’ is published, digitally sold and distributed by UbuntuFM Music, and promoted by UbuntuFM Hip-Hop. It is available on the UbuntuFM Music web store and will soon be available on all major online music stores.