Strong A.R.M features Warren J. Gallimore in 'Bet'cha Didn't Know'. Following its commercial release in early 2018, 'Bet'cha Didn't Know' has gained considerable acceptance within the EDM genre, standing out mostly for its elements of Rap and HipHop.   
Following its recent release, Strong A.R.M's 'That's Gangsta' has seen remarkable acceptance amongst music audience. The single has recorded over 50,000 views on YouTube. This review seeks to point out the musical merits of the track. Perhaps you will see the reason for which it's been garnering acceptance this much.     
Born in the West Indies to a French father and a Guyanese mother, and having lived in France for more than a decade, Jenn's music is a cultivation of a mixed culture of Afro-Caribbean, French and English influences. 'Who That Girl' is one of the tracks making up the EP 'Vibz'.
Everybody knows Yerry Rellum from The Voice Of Holland, Season 7. He released the single, 'I Feel Love', in February 2018 to wide acceptance. 'I Feel Love' was co-written with Duane Stephenson and produced by Wouter Hardy.
Perkostylz releases the single, 'Africa', a song described as being lyrically pan-African and instrumentally Reggae. 'Africa' is available for free download at UbuntuFM Music.
A review of Rootword's new album, 'Warning Signs', released on March 23rd 2018.
A song about love and romance; melodious, excellent vocal quality, lyrically expressive and musically engaging.  
A great love song complemented with a solid beat. The vocal quality is rich, melodious and expressive. It is a display of the artist’s mastery of his craft in choosing words for both their meaning and for their natural rhythmic quality.
Tasteful sound arrangement, perfectly balanced and varied in rhythm to make for a suitable musical accompaniment to the rap vocals. A review of Rootword's 'A Matter Of Time' released to digital stores on 1st December, 2017. 
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