2 raving new tracks by South Africa #EDM duo RIQ Electro | Producer/Dj Robinoh B3atZ and vocalist Ice-Queen share one common vision to create great music that inspires, motivates and unites people of different races. +1 for the #RainbowNation
This new album is a concentration of energy and sincerity, a beacon to the illusions and lies perpetrated by man, and it is on the stage that ROOTWORDS intends to proclaim his vision of the world, by spontaneous communication that is alive and rich in vibrations. Ring the alarm !
A brave attempt by these youngsters to address a serious issue.
Ashman releases new single 'Happy Married Life'. An ingenious mix of #HipHop, #RnB and contemporary African #Highlife.
Ashman releases a new single titled ‘OBServe’. This single produced by Blazeslaan, featuring Wajo, is expected to treat listeners to a feel of ingenious and contemporary #HipHop of West African roots. An honest song with socially relevant lyrics accompanied by a solid beat.
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